Rockstar Games bans mod developers

Mods in GTA 5 are still a very sensitive topic. Even more sensitive is the theme only when it comes to multiplayer modifications to the Open World title - apparently understands Rockstar Games in this regard, no fun at all.

As Reddit puts it, a Rockstar Games hobby development team has now been banned from the Rockstar social club as the team has been working on a multiplayer modification to Grand Theft Auto 5. Meanwhile, Rockstar has officially commented on the FiveM case:

"The FiveM Project is an unauthorized alternative multiplayer service that includes code designed to facilitate piracy, and our policies regarding such a violation of our Terms of Use are clear and the Social Club user accounts of those involved in the development process have been disabled."

According to their own data, the affected users can not access any of their legally acquired Rockstar games anymore. Even single player titles seem to be affected by the suspension.

The FiveM-Mod is a multiplayer modification in a standalone version that is unrelated to the official multiplayer part GTA Online.