How To Use Your Modded Account For Ban Safety

Sometimes bans happen. It's not often, even less than 1/100, but it still happens. Why? Because the user demanded us to make a modded account with 2,000 RP rank, or something equally obscene. Now, this is a huge red flag for Rockstar, since 2k in reputation is very rare.

Our recovery services and pre-made modded accounts are extremely ban safe, but we still ask our customers to follow the below steps for extra precautions.

How to not get banned

  • Don't spend more than 5-10 million in the first 24h of receiving your account or recovery package.
  • Don't ask us to get you more than 400 RP, as is gets easier for Rockstar to detect.
  • Don't tell people your account or character is modded.

That's all there is to it. Almost easier than the Fight Club rules.  Follow those and you shall be fine and ban safe.